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Ahmad Fouad Khalaf Al Qudah
Warehouse Supervisor


• Microsoft Office Suite.
• Oracle.
I am fully prepared to learn any new software as quickly as possible.

• Attention to Detail: Ability to meticulously inspect materials and manage inventory accurately to
ensure compliance with standards.
• Communication Skills: Effective communication with various stakeholders such as engineers,
suppliers, warehouse staff, and contractors to ensure smooth workflow.
• Safety Compliance: Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards to promote a safe
work environment.
• Problem-Solving: Capability to address inventory management issues promptly to minimize risks
and improve efficiency.
• Teamwork: Collaboration with colleagues, subcontractors, and suppliers to achieve common goals.
• Documentation: Proficient documentation of inspection results, inventory records, and purchase
orders to maintain organized records.
• Leadership: Providing guidance, training, and support to employees while fostering a positive work
• Analytical Skills: Analyzing data to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.
• Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changes in priorities and regulations to effectively fulfill job
• Continuous Learning: Keeping updated with industry developments and continuously improving
skills to enhance professional performance


10- 2013 Course Name: International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Program- Educational
Institution: Arab Canadian Centre Content:
•Microsoft Excel •Microsoft word •Internet and Microsoft Outlook •Microsoft PowerPoint
•In addition to official emails and correspondences.
05-2013 Course: Warehouse Safety, Institution: Arab Kindi Centre Description: Covers
general safety practices, equipment management, material arrangement techniques, vehicle entry
protocols, and firefighting procedures. Emphasizes efficient warehouse shelving, optimal spacing,
chemical handling, safe storage of hazardous materials, safety labeling, and IATA & IMDG code for
dangerous goods shipment


Jerash University


Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature
Jerash University College
6 /2010 |Jordan

Professional Experience

Road Safety Inspector (Materials)
AIM Trading and Contracting WLL
10-2021 – Current |Doha / Qatar

This company works in the road maintenance sector, with tender from Ashghal – Public Works
Authority /Qatar, with this role
● Conduct thorough inspections of roads, ensuring compliance with safety standards and identifying
Potential hazards.
● Collaborate closely with Ashgha engineers to verify the execution of work according to specified
Standards and project criteria.
● Monitoring and Evaluating Road Accidents, Effective Follow-up on Ashghal and Traffic Police
Reports, Preparing a Detailed Incident Report Regarding Damages and Costs, Sending it Back to
Ashghal, and Additionally Communicating with Accident Parties for Details and Location Clarification
if Unclear in the Initial Traffic Police Report.
● Work collaboratively with Traffic Police and Municipality to coordinate maintenance and road
safety efforts, showcasing effective communication and coordination skills

Store Supervisor
Ghantoot Transport & Gen. Cont. L.L.C
06- 2017 – 02-2021 |Qatar

The job candidate at Ghantoot Transport & Gen. Cont. L.L.C. was responsible for managing
warehouse operations from June 2017 to February 2021. They performed the following tasks:
●Managing warehouse operations, including receiving shipments, processing reports, and storing
●Ensuring timely delivery of items to the appropriate sections and coordinating with various
departments to fulfil orders.
●Regular and daily updates of the ERP system and assessing inventory levels to determine necessary
●Supervising a team of warehouse employees, providing guidance, training, support, and evaluation.
●Interacting with suppliers and official entities in a professional manner and monitoring material
delivery schedules.
●Initiating purchase requests to maintain inventory availability.
●Regularly reviewing inventory reports and completing the reorder process.
●Conducting inventory audits to ensure accuracy.
●Supervising inventory supply to all locations according to specified schedules.

Store Supervisor
(J&P) Joanna & Paraskevaides Jordan
09-2014 – 05-2017 |Jordan


Led the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) store during the expansion project of
Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan, overseeing material management for the warehouse
according to the Following tasks:
• Efficiently managed store transactions using the SAP system, ensuring streamlined and organized
• Conducted comprehensive follow-ups with the procurement department and suppliers through
Communication and email correspondence, enhancing the efficiency of project procurement
operations and ensuring timely material delivery to maintain workflow continuity.
• Played a key role in managing and monitoring project assets, optimizing resource allocation and
• Supervised inventory supply to all sites according to scheduled timelines.
• Led the team: Supervised and led a team of store employees, providing guidance, training, and
support as needed.
• Regularly reviewed minimum and maximum reports and completed reorder processes to maintain
optimal inventory levels. Completed transactions within the inventory unit.
• Conducted comprehensive file management, including invoices, data entry, and reports, ensuring
Accurate and well-documented records for the project

Store keeper
Urbacon Trading & Contracting Company (UCC)
01-2011 – 11-2014 |Jordan

During my tenure as a Storekeeper at Urbacon Trading & Contracting Company (UCC) from January
2011 to November 2014, I managed warehouse operations with the following responsibilities:
• Effectively supervised warehouse management using ERP systems.
• Coordinated with the main warehouse for timely material orders and surplus management.
• Facilitated material supply from the factory for projects and managed transportation and
• Implemented meticulous material monitoring and improved inventory management practices.
• Maintained smooth communication with procurement departments and suppliers for workflow
• Oversaw logistics and coordinated with subcontractors and mechanics for project safety and
• Managed project assets efficiently for optimal use.
• Created and managed purchase orders with attention to detail.
• Led a team of store personnel, providing guidance and support.
• Reviewed min-max reports and maintained optimal stock levels.
• Liaised with suppliers and internal teams to optimize delivery schedules and resolve logistical
• Managed stationery supplies distribution and oversaw inventory management and procurement •
• Ensured accurate and well-documented project records and managed warehouse files