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Basel Khaleel Hasan
Civil Engineering
Procurement Engineer





BSC in Civil Engineering
Yarmouk University
2012-2018 |Irbid, Jordan

Professional Experience

Procurement Engineer
MEHNA ‐ MEHNA for Engineering Solutions and Machine Manufacturing
OCTOBER 2022 – PRESENT |Amman - Jordan

Scope of work:
• Source and identify potential suppliers for mechanical, electrical, and the outer body of the
machine and select the best offers in terms of price, quality, delivery, terms, and conditions.
• Facilitated standardized operations across company branches in KSA and Germany by
effectively negotiating discount prices with suppliers, also, conducted comprehensive comparisons
between negotiated prices and international rates, taking into consideration associated expenses such
as shipping, clearance, and customs fees, by utilizing sourcing strategies to identify and evaluate
supplier proposals, selecting the most advantageous offer based on criteria including price
competitiveness, product quality, delivery timelines, and contractual terms and conditions to ensure
that contractual obligations are met.
• Conduct effective cost/estimation analysis and prepare final offers to be submitted to customers.
• Coordinate with the Logistics department on all shipment-related matters and provide support when
• Prepare invoices for payment upon customer order delivery and allocate them to the respective
accounts, while also managing and processing necessary letters of credit documentation.
• Provide periodic reports to the General Manager outlining contract, procurement, and monitoring
activity, including financial and contractual performance aspects.
• Generate procurement and contract information to fulfill the Transparency Code requirements,
incorporating data concerning MEHNA company’s wholly owned trading entities.
• Analyze supplier performance and pricing, develop cost-saving strategies, monitor market trends,
ensure regulatory compliance, manage the procurement process for quality products and services, and
implement strategies to meet contractual obligations, maximizing the company’s value for its

Procurement Engineer
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)
APRIL 2021 – September 2022 |Amman - Jordan

Solid Waste Management Project “Waste to Positive Energy”
Scope of work:
• Ensure that all resources are in place for the effective operation of the ACTED / GIZ confidential
hotline and helpdesk.
• Monitor the implementation of focus group discussions (FGDs) with beneficiaries, upon the
completion of CFW cycles, ensuring that all groups follow the materials/guidelines provided by GIZ and
that FGD reports are submitted on time.
• Support the PM to prepare the Project Management Framework (PMF) monthly and to review the
Budget Follow-Up (BFU) as requested.
• Support the PM to ensure that project records and documents, in particular documents that prove
completion of activities (e.g., beneficiary lists, donation certificates, attendance sheets, etc.) are
adequately prepared, compiled, and filed according to ACTED procedures and donor-specific
• Provide periodic reports to the General Management Team outlining contract, procurement, and
monitoring activity, including financial and contractual performance aspects.
• Prepare monthly dialogue forums in each municipality, ensuring participation of the host community
and Syrian refugees and raising awareness on recycling systems and waste disposal. The dialogue
platforms serve as a common and inclusive space for exchange among different community groups
and are meant to strengthen awareness of resource-efficient waste management and its importance to
• Support the Project Manager / Officer in training the team leaders for dialogue forums, based on GIZ
training materials.
• Operate following the “do no harm principles” to ensure project activities are safe for communities.
• Support the PM to recruit and train team leaders/trainers for the dialogue forums, in coordination with
municipalities and community groups.
• Negotiating with vendors/suppliers to get the maximum profit to the NGO

Supply Chain Engineer
MEHNA ‐ MEHNA for Engineering Solutions and Machine Manufacturing
MAR 2020 – APRIL 2021 |Amman - Jordan

Solid Waste Management Project “Up Sycle together”
The role of Mehna was to facilitate the cooperation between JOECO and the EU on environmental
matters, as well as to develop work health and safety standards, rules,and procedures.
Scope of work:
• Support the municipality of Jerash in the improvement of its environmental condition through a
participatory approach “Up Sycle together” in cooperation with ICU and the Italian agency for
Development cooperation.
• Support the municipality of Irbid in the operation of the recycling station (funded by GIZ) in
Ramtha Irbid, and how to operate the machines and give the CFW tanning in maintenance,
operation, and sorting.
• Prepare the rooting system for trucks and assess the best location for the garbage in Irbid to
save time and cost while transferring the waste to the landfill.
• Follow-up on supplier management issues and concerning delivery process including late delivery,
late payment, and quality assurance concerns within one day of identification.
• Preparing purchase documents (PMs/POs/Contracts) for purchases for review by the procurement
committee, typically not more than $10,000.00 per contract.
• Create separate folders for each document and file of hard-copy documentation for each
procurement in addition, to scanning and preparing logs.
• Prepare and update vendor, and suppliers list.
• Collecting offers from different suppliers with material samples and studying each offer.

Procurement Engineer
Faithi Nimer Contracting Co.
NOV 2019 – JAN 2020 |Irbid - Jordan

Rehabilitation Works for Ministry of Education Schools in Irbid Governorate

The project aims to provide maintenance and cleaning works for public schools in direneed, to support the
Ministry of Education (MOE) in providing a better learning environment to both Jordanians and Syrian
students for 24 schools in in Irbid.
Scope of work:
• Ensures the execution of the project activities in accordance with the projectguidelines and
targets, (Community mobilization, identifying beneficiaries &income generation opportunities,
providing training sessions).
• Preparing, verifying, abstracting, controlling, or closing out procurement documents, files,
reports, or records.
• Support and Supervise Cash-for-work community mobilizers in addition to participating in
recruitment procedures and supervision for Cash for Workers.
• Follow up on all renovation activity and prepare invoices and quantity surveying.Prepare
weekly lookahead for all activities on the site.
• supervise & manage the refugees and CFW volunteers and provide them with technical training
meetings and awareness sessions, guidance, and instructions tofinish the renovation project
regarding the CfW project.
• Tracking the status of requisitions, contracts, and orders using automated or manual files and
through contacts with vendors, supply technicians, inventory managers, engineers
• Ensures all the selected Cash for Workers have all the required documents to beinvolved in the
project according to the Jordanian labor laws and recruiting procedures

Jr. Infrastructure Engineer
Greater Irbid Municipality
APR 2018 – OCT 2019 |Irbid - Jordan

The project is to construct a new rainwater network for different locations in north Jordanand renovate
the old drainage network.
Scope of work:
• Report to the resident engineer and assist in supervising the construction of watersupply and
distribution networks, sewerage collection, treatment, disposal and use, stormwater run-off,
ditches and soils, and materials in according to the inspection schedule.
• Setting out, leveling, and surveying the site by using the proper devices like totalstation and
theodolite to collect the field data.
• Assist the resident engineer in reviewing shop drawings, preparing the bill of quantities,
design proposals, method statements, and other activities includingcorrespondence related
to the road water supply and distribution networks, sewerage collection, treatment,
stormwater run-off, and drainage related to infrastructure projects.
• Follow up procurement and purchase orders, contractor/sub-contractor payments,monthly
invoices, and all other paperwork related to projects such as contracts between two parties.
• Coordination with MEP engineers, with regards to several clearances.
• Prepare a full detailed daily/monthly report of the site activities, request for inspection (RFI) logs, and
Material submittal logs and send/receive contractual lettersand update these logs daily.