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Eyad Abu Aliz
Electrical Engineering
Amman, Jordan
Project Manager





Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineer
Al-Balqa Applied University
2016 – 2021 |Jordan

Professional Experience

Project Manager
Multi Artistic Decoration
01/2020 – 08/2022 |Amman, Jordan

Managed projects from initial concept to final
including coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and
•Collaborated with clients to understand their needs and
preferences, and created custom design plans that
reflected their
unique styles.

Company Owner
Darb Alakhawain foundation for constructions and finishing
05/2015 – 01/2020 |Jordan

Managing all daily operations associated with a
finishing and construction company.
•Estimating construction and labor costs for residential
and commercial projects.
•Coordinating with clients and sub-contractors on cost
estimates and project changes.
•Monitoring the safety of all construction activities,
making on-site personal safety top priority.
•Examining overages and monitor all construction costs
for maximum cost-effectiveness.
•Determining labor requirements for dispatching
workers to construction sites.
•Investigating damage, accidents, or delays at
construction sites, to ensure that proper procedures are
being carried out.
•Selecting, contracting, and overseeing workers who
complete specific pieces of the project, such as painting
or plumbing.
•Inspecting or reviewing projects to monitoring
compliance with building and safety codes, or other

Procurement engineer
Darb Alakhawain foundation for constructions and finishing
05/2015 – 01/2020 |Jordan

•Identification of all requirements in requisition for
purchase issued by Design Department.
• Maintain the BOQ with updates from suppliers until
after awarding the contract.
• Receiving the price quotations. (competitive quotes)
• Prepare schedule of comparison
• Reiterate with designers and suppliers for finalization
of quantity and quality.
• Establish delivery terms, time and stages of inspection
for the supply with Project Management Team
•Ensure that all potential suppliers are provided with
identical information upon which the
•quotations are given equal opportunity to meet the
desired requirements. Negotiate the best payment
terms and contract conditions, maintaining high level
of integrity.

Al-Afdal For Multiple Projects
05/2012 – 05/2015 |Amman, Jordan

Setting goals for performance and deadlines in ways
that comply with company’s plans and vision
•Organizing workflow and ensuring that employees
understand their duties or delegated tasks
•Monitoring employee productivity and providing
constructive feedback and coaching

Power Engineering Company
03/2010 – 03/2012 |Jordan

overseeing daily operations at a worksite to ensure the
completion of projects in a safe and efficient manner
•hiring Construction Workers and professionals to
perform specific tasks, monitoring budgeting expenses
for Workers, supplies or tools
•reviewing laws and regulations to maintain a safe work

Electricity Technician
Alafdal For Multiple Projects
01/2007 – 01/2010 |Amman, Jordan

•Reading blueprints and technical diagrams to
determine the placement of outlets and fixtures
Installing wiring, outlets, and controls
•Maintenance of electrical systems
Inspecting transformers and circuit breakers to ensure
they are up to code
•Identifying electrical problems using specialized tools
like voltmeters, cable testers, thermal scanners, and
•Repairing and replacing wiring and equipment using
hand and power tools such as screwdrivers, saws, drills,
wire strippers, and conduit breakers
•Directing and training fellow workers to install,
maintain, and repair wiring and systems
•Following state and local building regulations