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Main Zeyadeh
Architecture Engineering
Saudi Arabia
Senior Architect / BIM Manager, Senior Architect/BIM Coordinator, BIM Coordinator, Jr. Architect/BIM Modeler, Jr. Architect


• Project Management • Microsoft Office • BIM Standard • BIM 360 • PhotoShop • 3Ds Max • Syncro Pro
• Revit • Navisworks • Analytical Skills • ACC • Excel • Dynamo • Insight
• ArchiCad • AutoCAD • Engineering • SketchUp • Plannerly • Grasshopper • AfterEffict



Certified in Value Engineering
Alyousefi Value Engineering – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
• Certified professional Revit user, AutoDesk
Design Zone – Amman, Jordan


30-hours training in FIDIC red book
JEA training center – Amman, Jordan
30-hours training in LEED-GA
BIM-ME – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




Bachelor's degree: Architectural Engineering
Philadelphia University
2007/2012 |jerash/jordan

Professional Experience

Senior Architect / BIM Manager
Dar Al Omran Consultants
11/2021 - Present, |Saudi Arabia

• Providing regular progress and performance updates, and
keeping stakeholders informed about the status and performance
of BIM-related activities.
• Define the BIM strategy and collaborate with design
consultants/contractors to establish the BIM implementation
• Supporting the setup, development, and configuration of the
Common Data Environment (CDE) by establishing the effective
data management, collaboration, and compliance with ISO 19650
• Assisting in implementing the program’s information
management strategy and ensuring that information exchange
requirements and asset information requirements are met, as
specified in ISO 19650.
• Developing and maintaining templates, workflows, and model
standards including establishing standardized processes for
creating and managing BIM models across disciplines and
conducting audits to ensure adherence to standards.
• Creating and overseeing the development of BIM execution plans
and information delivery plans in alignment with ISO 19650
• Managing, supporting, and validating project design delivery and
ensuring their quality and compliance with project
• Developing templates and rule sets to align with client
requirements by customizing BIM processes and workflows to
meet specific client needs and preferences.
• Establishing processes, measuring performance, and ensuring the
quality of BIM package submissions.
• Preparing Clash-Detection matrices and reports and resolving
• Monitoring and supporting and managing the data collection
process by using tools like Autodesk ACC and BIM 360
• Collaborating on exchanging COBie models.
• Monitoring and guiding the progression and utilization of models
throughout the construction phase.
• Providing support to project delivery teams and overseeing
model validation and data export.

Senior Architect/BIM Coordinator
MOSTAQBAL Engineering & Environmental Consultants
10/2017 – 11/2021 |Amman, Jordan

• Prepare pre/post-BEP (BIM Execution Plan) as per ISO
19650 and project requirements.
• Prepare CDE (Common Data Environment) as per ISO 19650
• Responsible for applying templates, workflow, model
standards, and data management
• sharing process Within multi-disciplines, and Auditing BIM
• producing design drawings, detailed drawings, and
fabrication drawings for complex geometry structures using
visual programming algorithms (Dynamo and Grasshopper)
• Engineering technical support, detailing and preparing the
project-required database.
• Develop solutions for technical problems in a 3D digital
• Coordinating data modeling and management processes.
• Coordinating the project teams and liaising with the design
team and client to ensure success.
• Establishing robust quality control procedures to ensure that
all models and datasets are accurate and that the LOI & LOD
is fit for purpose.
• Prepare IFC, NWC, NWF, and NWD files that are required for
data sharing and management.
• Prepare Clash-Detection matrix, and Clash-Detection priority
criteria, and perform Clash-Detection reports using
• Prepare models for 4D and 5D sequences.
• Leading architectural design projects and ensuring
compliance with client requirements and industry standards.
• Managing project teams, assigning tasks, and facilitating
effective collaboration.
• Creating detailed architectural drawings and specifications for
accurate execution of the design.

BIM Coordinator
06/2016 – 10/2017 |Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

• Prepare pre/post-BEP (BIM Execution Plan).
• Implementing and managing Building Information Modeling (BIM)
processes, and ensuring the effective utilization of BIM tools and
workflows to support project delivery.
• Collaborate closely with the design team, including architects and
engineers, to coordinate the exchange of BIM models and
• Oversee the creation, maintenance, and management of BIM
models on the contractor side and ensure the accuracy and
completeness of BIM models, perform clash detection, and
coordinate model coordination efforts.
• Establish and enforce BIM standards, protocols, and best
practices and ensure consistency, quality, and compliance with
project requirements and industry standards.
• Facilitate communication and collaboration among project
stakeholders, both internally within the contractor’s organization
and externally with design teams and subcontractors.
• Technical support and training to the contractor’s team members
on BIM software, tools, and processes.
• Perform regular quality control checks on BIM models and data
to identify and resolve errors, inconsistencies, and clashes.
• Collaborate closely with project stakeholders, including project
managers, clients, and subcontractors, to ensure that BIM
requirements are understood and met.
• Provide support to the project delivery team by assisting with
BIM-related tasks, coordinating model updates, and ensuring the
successful implementation of BIM processes.
• Prepare IFC, NWC, NWF, and NWD files that are required for
data sharing and management.

Jr. Architect
Assarai Architects
02/2013 – 06/2015 |Amman, Jordan

• Assisting in the development of architectural design concepts
and solutions under the guidance of senior architects.
• Creating and producing architectural drawings, plans, and
visualizations using software tools such as AutoCAD, SketchUp,
or Revit.
• Conducting research and analysis on building codes, zoning
regulations, and other relevant standards to ensure compliance
with legal requirements.
• Assisting in the preparation of design presentations, including
2D and 3D renderings, to effectively communicate design ideas
to clients and project stakeholders.
• Collaborating with the project team, including architects,
engineers, and consultants, to integrate various design elements
and coordinate project requirements.
• Participating in site visits and inspections to assess project
progress, resolve design-related issues, and ensure
construction is in accordance with design intent.
• Assisting in the preparation of construction documentation,
including detailing and specifications, to support the construction
• Conducting material research and assisting in the selection of
appropriate materials, finishes, and products for architectural
• Contributing to the development of sustainable design strategies
and incorporating sustainable principles into architectural

Jr. Architect/BIM Modeler
MID Group (MID Contracting)
10/2015 – 06/2016 |Amman, Jordan

• Creating and developing detailed Building Information Models
(BIM) using specialized software tools such as Autodesk Revit
and ArchiCAD.
• Collaborating with architects, engineers, and other project
stakeholders to understand project requirements and develop
accurate 3D models that reflect the design intent.
• Ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and quality of the BIM
models by performing clash detection, coordination, and
resolving any conflicts or issues that arise.
• Updating and maintaining BIM models throughout the project
• Generating construction documentation and extracting 2D
drawings, sections, and schedules from the BIM models.
• Collaborating with other project team members to exchange and
coordinate BIM models.
• Participating in interdisciplinary coordination meetings to identify
clashes, conflicts, and design coordination issues, and proposing
solutions to resolve them.
• Staying updated with the latest BIM technologies, software
updates, and industry trends, continuously improving skills.