Amman – Jordan00962785300152
Mohammad Bassam Sawalha
Civil Engineering
Amman, Jordan
Project Manager, Procurement Manager


Learned Skills
• Computer skills (Microsoft office, Adobe
Acrobat and various internet search engines
for research purposes)
• Translating skills (translate from to any of
these languages – Russian, English and
• Written Communication.
• Drawing and Design skills by specifiedapplications.
• Official lettersWriting.
• Photoshop
• Pricing Strategy Knowledge of Importing procedures
• Submittals
Other Skills
• Quick Learner.
• Negotiation skills
• Problemsolving.
• Organizational Skills.
• Technicalskills.
• A Teamwork Person.
• Team Leadership Capability.
• Ability to work under pressure.


 ARAMCO Work Permit Receiver Course 2019
 Application of Software Analysis & Design of High-Rise Buildings (ETABS) [Engineers Training Center in Jordan
Engineers Association 20/07 -06/08/2013]
 Primavera P6 [Engineers Training Center in Jordan Engineers Association 27/07 – 07/08/2013]
 AutoCAD 2D,3D [Geneva Academy for Computer Studies]2011




Bachelor of Engineering Civil Engineering
Lugansk National Agrarian University
May, 2012] |Ukraine

Professional Experience

Project Manager
Lafa Molfi Al Otaibi Est. for Contracting
1/Jul/2020 – 30/Dec/2020 |Saudi Arabia

Earthwork phase one project – Triple Bay AMAALA

Procurement Manager
Al-Omaier Trading and Contracting Company,
2/Oct/2018 – March/2020 |Saudi Arabia

211-C03 Project (P&C of railway crossings, pipe bridge and site preparation of eastern utility corridor)
owned by Royal Commission

-Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Establish procurement strategies for acquisition, receiving and tracking of project materials with AlOmaier Co. management that optimize quality, cost and timely delivery criteria.
2. Work collaboratively with Al-Omaier management and the Design team to coordinate supplier
selection, credit and terms, track supplier performance standards and conduct ongoing evaluation.
Conduct research via the Internet, catalogues, trade publications and trade shows to identify
potential suppliers. Interview prospective suppliers either face-to-face or over the phone to
determine prices, discounts, terms, etc. Create spreadsheets with vendor & product or service
comparison of prospective suppliers to support management decisions.
3. Prepare, maintain and review purchasing file and records, price lists, the status of requisitions,
contracts and orders, locate suppliers, approve bills for payment, monitor subcontractor
performance, calculate the cost of orders, ensure invoices are charged to the appropriate accounts
and monitor inventory transfer forms for bookkeeping records.
4. Prepare procurement execution plans and oversee the full array of materials management and
procurement functions of purchasing, expediting, shipping, receipt and inspection and logistics

5. Supervise and direct warehouse personnel and assist where necessary the receipt of materials from
suppliers, kitting of project materials, loading of Al-Omaier Co. vehicles for project construction.
6. Develop plans for the effective organization and temporary storage of project materials and general inventories
at various company and/or independent warehouse locations. Ensure maintenance of accurate records for all
stored materials and the safe, secure and orderly upkeep of Al-Omaier Co. warehouse.
7. Optimize the material and supplier portfolio – that is what material should be bought in bulk and consumed as
needed from inventory by projects and which materials are best to acquire as needed for specific projects.
Establish stocking criteria, replenishment levels, inventory management and tracking and reporting procedures.
8. Collaborate with management in the negotiation of contracts and lines of credit with suppliers and
9. Support and in some cases lead cost reductionefforts.
10. Prepare and communicate to the Sales, Design and Construction team product directions.
11. Monitor and support returns, damage replacement and warranty claims.

Technical and Procurement Engineer
Al-Omaier Trading and Contracting Company
3/Aug/2014 – 1/Oct/2018 |Saudi Arabia

Project (Dammam-Jubail Link) 930,630,000.00 SR

Brief: CTW120 Project is a railway project linking between Dammam and Jubail with double track (for cargo
and passengers)
-Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Control and monitor drawing submissions and approvals in line with the baseline project schedule
in cooperation with the Design Manager
2. Ensure and monitor the latest available drawing issued to the construction and concerned
department in cooperation with the Design Manager.
3. Prepare in daily and weekly basis main progress reports with clarifying delays if any.
4. Coordinate with all suppliers and sub-contractors and prepare their sub-contracts and scoop of
5. Prepare work schedules for sub-contractors in collaboration with Planning Manager
6. Prepare supply schedules for suppliers in collaboration with Planning and Construction Managers
7. Monitor and ensure that suppliers and sub-contractors are complying with the technical
requirements and schedules
8. Collection / review, in collaboration with Project QNQC Manager, of the relevant technical
brochures and quality certificates
9. Execution of the materials purchasing orders
10. Receiving and storing of materials in collaboration with Project QA/QC Manager, Construction
A side Roles & Responsibilities:
11. Prepare technical letters to all Authorities interfacing with CTW120
12. Arrange works of other contractors interfering our work area in order to achieve CTW120 goals
(Financially and Productively)
13. Coordinating and Monitoring Utilities relocation works in collaboration with Interface and
Construction Managers
14. Conducting and Pre-testing Telecommunication works for CTW120 along the rail-track
15. Assisting with bedding for other projects for Al-Omaier Co. by Surveying new project locations and
pricing work items and material