About Us

Tkafu Recruitment Company was founded in 2013 to help organizations, companies, and startups fill critical positions with the best talents. Tkafu simply bridges the gap between skills demand and supply.

Our team has extensive experience in diverse industries particularly in the GCC region. After understanding the client’s culture and needs, we search through a diverse pool of candidates to help them scale their teams in a smart cost-effective way. We ensure our systematic recruiting database is regularly updated to make hiring faster, easier, and bias-free.

Our all-time goal is to develop long-term relationships and value-based partnerships with our clients. We take pride in having fulfilled numerous positions over the past years, and remain committed to delivering a great recruitment experience in every project we manage.

Our Mission

Transform lives and businesses through top-notch recruitment services.

Our Vision

Being a trusted advisor and manpower source to our clients.


Our core values reflect what our business stands for, what it strives to achieve,
and how it does things.We hold ourselves to extremely high standards of:








Our services provide best-in-class staffing and recruiting support to identify skilled Arab and non-Arab individuals that propel an organization’s expansion and prosperity.
We work closely with our clients to understand their business nature and make the recruitment process as smooth as possible.

Recruitment Services

Headhunting, Career Consulting, Advertising, and Interviews Arrangements

Follow Up Services

Certificates Attestations and Background Verifications


Welcoming and Logistic Services

Airport Pickup, Hotel Arrangments, and Secretary Services

What Sets Us Apart?

Tkafu has skilled recruiters with industry expertise.

Tkafu follows a world-class strategy and hiring standard.

Tkafu handles recruiting needs with utmost discretion, accuracy, and speed.

Tkafu drafts all kinds of contracts for remote/onsite services, short/long-term engagements.

Tkafu finds the perfect match for mid/senior/executive levels.

Where We Oparate

Tkafu provides recruitment services to local and overseas businesses, throughout the GCC and MENA regions.
Our team of experienced recruiters has the necessary skills and expertise to help find the best talents for an organization. 

Engineering Sector

  • Constructions and Consultations Sectors.
  • Manufacturi ng, Powerplants, WWT, Oil & Gas.
  • Infrastructure, Agricultural, Landscaping & Design.

Educational Sector

  • Universities.
  • Schools.

Medical Sector

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers.
  • Pharmacies, Laboratories, Nutrition Centers.
  • Rehabilitation Center, PT&OT, Special Educations.
  • Biomedical.

Administration Sector

  • Finance and Accounting.
  • Sales & Marketing.
  • Hospitality.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain.